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Utah Patent Attorney
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The best place to find a Utah patent attorney, is in the Salt Lake Valley. Because of the low cost of living and the local culture, patent attorneys in Utah tend to charge less while providing their clients with premium-quality work. This provides local entrepreneurs with a competitive advantage over the rest of the United States. However, it is a common and lucrative practice for Utah patent attorneys to work on projects for clients in different states, and even in different countries. If you are looking for a patent attorney, Utah is a great place to find a bright, responsible attorney at a reasonable price.

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Finding a Great Utah Patent Attorney

Protecting your invention(s), and making a worthy return on it, is a long-term investment and commitment on your part. To begin the process, it is necessary to find a qualified attorney that you not only trust, but feel comfortable will represent you in a professional and timely manner. Look for an attorney who clearly sees, and shares, your enthusiasm and vision for your idea or invention(s). A good relationship with your patent attorney is extremely important. SO, how can you find a Utah patent attorney who is just perfect for you?

Solo Attorneys are the Least Expensive

If you choose a solo attorney, working from home, you are likely to be charged less, but you will be taking a risk that no one will be reviewing your work. This factor may cause you to have issues with mistakes and problems later on, which may become costly to correct. Also, it is possible that when you need your solo attorney, he may not have any backup, if he is ill or otherwise incapacitated. Also, he may not have adequate insurance, or support staff, to meet necessary deadlines and oversee that your project(s) are completed on time. The United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) can completely eliminate your rights forever for your invention if a deadline is missed. A solo patent attorney may be a bargain, but the risk may be far too costly.

Pay for the "Best"

You can avoid risk by selecting a large, prestigious Utah patent attorney firm in the downtown area of Salt Lake City. These firms have all the bells and whistles and work in towers near the Federal Courthouse. They do work for well-heeled clients all over the country and compete with the largest and most prominent firms for work from multi-national companies, as well as many affluent local businesses. You pay a premium price for your reduction in risk; and cost factors do not apply, as they are paying top-dollar for their expenses. Unless you can afford the often astronomical charges for your project(s), you are assigned the least-experienced person in the Firm.

The Mid-Sized or "Just Right" Boutique

For the average person, a mid-sized or "just right" Utah patent attorney firm serves their clients well. It is more personable, down to earth and caring. They are able to expend more time in understanding the concerns and ambitions of their clients, often offering ideas and changes that enhance, as well as add value to the clients' Intellectual Property (IP). When critical issues arise that require immediate attention, there is no waiting for an appointment or telephone call. They have the time to expand the process that leads to positive outcomes and success. You will have confidence that your IP is definitely in the "right" hands.


In reviewing the above, you will have an idea of the type of Utah patent attorney you would be most comfortable with in trusting your dreams, goals, and labor to - a solo attorney, an affluent firm, or a mid-sized boutique. We hope you will find the "perfect" one for you.

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Mike Starkweather

Mike Starkweather
Patent Attorney

Mike was a patent examiner at the United States Patent Office. While there he examined over 300 patent applications. This experience has helped him to understand all the subtleties of getting a patent. You want that experience on your side.

Mike is extraordinarily creative in finding patentable features. Sometimes it requires thinking outside of the box to find the patentable features of an invention. He has an expertise at finding ways to get patents on new inventions that other patent professionals would not consider.

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