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Science Invention
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Science Inventions
Patent Definition

Science Invention

Invention is all about applying science to problems. Science invention was used by Thomas Edison to give us the first modern light bulb. Science based invention is responsible for the majority of the great products you see on the shelves today. Science gives us new materials, new designs, new solutions and even new problems to solve.

Science Inventions Methodology
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Thomas Edison - His Science Inventions

Most people think that Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, but he didn't. He purchased the light bulb patent from Woodward and Evans in 1879. At that time the light bulb would only burn for about 40 hours. Thomas Edison then applied science invention through the scientific process of repeating hypothesis, experimentation, and hypothesis revision until he was able to come up with a light bulb that lasted for over 1200 hours. That is a huge difference and turned the early invention from a neat toy into a household item. Neat toys have a small market - household items make multimillionaires and multibillionaires! All from the science of invention.

Common Invented Products From Science

Computers were first developed by combining specialized electronics together in combinations that let the electronics do math. Science created the specialized electronics and developed the know-how to put them together.

Plastics and rubbers were created by scientists in laboratories and they are now used in almost every product sold today. Rubber was actually a mistake that spilled on the floor while trying to make something else!

Airplanes and cars are the culmination of applying the scientific method to improve transportation that arguably started with Leonardo Da Vinci and carries on today. Every day, hundreds of scientists and engineers around the world are constantly using the scientific method to improve previous automobile and aircraft invention!

The Scientific Method And Invention

Science is important to invention because it is a tried and true method for coming up with solutions to problems. Inventions are all about solving problems, so science is a great way to find inventions. While not all inventions come from science, most do. Even if you are not officially a scientist or have a PhD, if you are guessing, testing your guess to see if it is right and then modifying what your guess is to try and find a solution to a problem, then you are doing science invention!

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