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Provisional Patents
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Provisional Patents

A provisional patent application ("provisional patent") is a temporary patent application in the United States that reserves a filing date on an idea without subjecting the application to all the requirements of the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO). Provisional patents have a smaller filing fee, are not examined, and last for one year before expiring. Before the provisional patent expires, the applicant/inventor must file a non-provisional patent application claiming priority to the provisional (your patent attorney knows what this means). If the provisional patent expires before the non-provisional patent application is properly filed, the benefit of the provisional is lost.

Thermal Treatment Apparatus - Patent Drawing

Making Money With Provisional Patents

Just like regular patent applications (non-provisional and design), provisional patents can be sold. This means, if your idea is good enough, and you are able to drum up interest, you can file the provisional and then sell the idea.

Also, you can use your provisional patent application to "buy" your way into ownership in a company. Many inventors will do this in order to build a business around their idea.

Many product development, sales, and marketing companies like QVC and Home Shopping Network will require that you have a patent application filed on your product before they will let you sell through their network.

Having a provisional patent can be the door to making money on your idea!

Why They Are So Good


There are a few drawbacks to using provisional patent applications:

Common Mistakes

Avoid these common mistakes with provisional patents:

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Provisional patents are great! You can say patent pending your product; you can tell people about your idea; you can sell it on TV; you can get on with your life and make some money from a random thought! Get it done right and you can make it happen faster, better, and cheaper than going the regular route. Good luck!

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