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Provisional Patent Sample
New Inventions Success
Provisional Patent Sample
New Inventions Success

Provisional Patent Sample

Computer Mouse - Patent Drawing

Presented here is a provisional patent sample that can help you understand what goes into a provisional patent application. Provisional patent applications can be written and filed quickly to give you a chance at early rights to an invention.

This sample provisional patent includes a minimal description so it is easy to see what goes inside. A real provisional patent (not this sample) will probably be bigger and include more description. The provisional patent sample below describes an invention that we all wish we would have invented!

How to get a provisional patent...

Provisional Patent Sample Description

Computer Input Device (Mouse)

There is a computer input device having a position detecting device disposed on a bottom face, a plurality of buttons on the top face, and a communication device able to connect to a computer and transmit information from the position detecting device and the plurality of buttons so that the computer may react according to that information, such as, but not limited to, moving a cursor on a screen.

(Notice that the description of the requirements to filing a provisional patent talks about each of the functional parts of the invention; next, the provisional patent sample will describe each of those in more detail and give example -- only one is described below to keep this short and sweet.)

The position detecting device may be any device that can determine a position or position change of the device. Examples include: accelerometers, track-balls, registered laser detectors, and the like. The position detecting device may detect a change in position along one or more axis.…

(After all the important parts have been explained well enough that it is clear that you have fully conceived of the invention and explained well enough that someone experienced could built it, then you want to talk about variations - here is a provisional patent application variations section.)

Even though the drawing shows a pod-shaped device with a button and a track ball, the invention may be shaped differently, such as being rectangular, pyramid-shaped, and/or ball-shaped. The device may be made out of different materials such as metals, wood, plastics, composites, glass, and etc….

(The key to this provisional patent application variations section is to think of all the different ways the invention might be made, used, or sold and describe them in some good detail. Even bad ideas (a pyramid-shaped mouse) should be included because they help broaden out the description.)

The application should include labeled patent drawings too. A picture is worth a thousand words! Label the important parts that you describe in your text.

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Conclusion and Advise

(not legal advise though)

Of course, writing your own patent application is risky, you may want the help of a competent patent attorney or agent to help you out, but by seeing this provisional patent sample, you can know what kind of information should go in the application. The provisional patent sample (the complete version not shown here) includes all of the minimal requirements to get a filing date. It meets the written description requirement, the enablement requirement, and provides description helpful for the doctrine of equivalents.

Provisional Patent Help!

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