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Patent Renewal
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Patent Renewal
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Patent Renewal is a Global Principle

Patent renewal is a principle of patent practice that has global reach. Virtually all countries that grant patents have some form of patent renewal process that is designed to create revenue for the country and to cause patents that are not renewed to expire. Many countries require yearly patent renewal fees (maintenance fees, annuities, etc.) and some even charge renewal fees during the application process before the invention is even granted rights. Some countries have experimented with dropping these fees, but after a short period they resumed charging fees and even charged back fees for patents during the period where no fees were due.

Digital Time Ring - Patent Drawing

Pitfalls of Patent Renewals

Failure to properly pay for patent renewal will cause your patent to expire and you will lose your rights. You have to pay within the "payment window," not before and not after. If you make a mistake, getting those rights back is often nearly impossible and always very expensive. If you have an attorney handling your patents, you should be fine. If not, you are on your own. There are several common mistakes people make when handling patent renewals:


Patents are seen by governments as a deal with an inventor. The inventor teaches everybody how to do the invention and in exchange the government gives the inventor the chance to keep people from copying for a time. Once the time ends, everybody can copy the invention. As far as the government is concerned, the sooner people can copy the better. So, patent renewals are designed to cause patent rights to go away as soon as possible. It doesn't matter if the inventor is dead, in jail, unconscious in a hospital, bankrupt, or whatever, if the government can break the deal without getting in trouble it will do it ASAP. So, the system is designed to be difficult but not impossible to use and if you aren't in a position to comply, you won't be complaining either. So, the government wins and if you make a mistake or can't prove that the government made a mistake, then too bad for you. The take-away here, be very meticulous and careful and make sure you have back-up systems in place to make sure no mistakes are made.

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