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Patent Pending to Patent Definition
Patent Pending to New Inventions Success

Patent Pending

Patent pending is the time between when the patent application is filed and prior to issuance of the patent. During this time the invention can be marked "patent pending" or "patent applied for".

Artificial Hand - Patent Drawing
How to get a provisional patent...

While these have no legal significance and grant the inventor no legal rights, the designation tends to discourage other persons or businesses from copying the invention since a patent might issue on the invention granting the legal monopoly to the inventor. To issue, the patent application must meet the requirements of the patent definition and be approved by the patent office and actually get a patent.

The Value Of The Label

When you have a patent applied for, you can label it as such. It means it likely qualifies under the patent definition criteria and that there is a good chance that you could secure a patent at any time. This makes it dangerous for people to try and copy you. Some people might still copy you, but plenty of others will quietly leave you alone.

Labeling Fraud

Beware the temptation to label a product patent applied for, when no patent has ever been filed. It would be easy to tack on a pending notice to a product that has no patent application. The problem is there is a fine of $500 fine for each false claim. That could apply to each product you sell. A thousand sales would equal a half million dollars in fines.


Patent pending can scare the majority of copiers away. Just be sure that patent applied for is a reality or be prepared to suffer the consequences..

How To Get Patent Pending

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