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Patent and Trademark Attorney
New Inventions Success

Patent and Trademark Attorney

What kind of attorney practices trademark and patent law?

Patent and trademark attorneys are often called Intellectual Property Attorneys or IP Attorneys. These attorneys are specialized in understanding intellectual or virtual property. In this day and age virtual property is starting to outpace the value of real property!

Gravity Infusion System - Patent Drawing

What else can a patent and trademark attorney do for me?

An IP attorney that handles trademarks and patents can often also handle copyrights, trade dress, trade secrets, licensing, and other issues relating to identifying, securing and protecting valuable ideas. Companies use these tools to clear a space for themselves in markets and make legal monopolies.

Does my attorney have to do both trademark and patent law?

No. Some patent law attorneys become very specialized and only focus on one aspect of the law. Some are so specialized that they only work in one type of technology or industry. The more focused an attorney is, the more expensive they become and the more likely that they are very busy doing work for just one company.

Using your patent and trademark attorney to create an IP strategy.

There are lots of ways to protect your ideas. The different protections are like armor or football pads on your idea. They protect different parts of your idea/business in different ways. If you are missing any of the armor, you could be very vulnerable. Don't take that chance!

McDonalds is a great example. They have multiple trademark registrations on variations of the word McDonalds, the golden arches, and more. They also have unique characters that are protected under trademark and copyright laws. They develop innovative business practices, food, and containers and protect those with patents. If a company tried to copy McDonalds they would find it very difficult and dangerous.


Without a comprehensive intellectual-property strategy, you are vulnerable to anybody that might copy you; namely, business partners, employees, and competitors just to name a few. With a comprehensive IP strategy from a patent and trademark attorney, you can protect all the work you are putting into your business and make sure that it remains profitable.

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Mike Starkweather

Mike Starkweather
Patent Attorney

Mike was a patent examiner at the United States Patent Office. While there he examined over 300 patent applications. This experience has helped him to understand all the subtleties of getting a patent. You want that experience on your side.

Mike is extraordinarily creative in finding patentable features. Sometimes it requires thinking outside of the box to find the patentable features of an invention. He has an expertise at finding ways to get patents on new inventions that other patent professionals would not consider.

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