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New Product Ideas
New Inventions Success
New Product Ideas
Invention Ideas

New Product Ideas

New product ideas are a way to make a fortune. Does every idea work? Of course not. It may take several ideas to find one that is really good. That one good one can give you royalties for life. Here are some ideas to get your juices going:

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Mountain Advertising

In the city of Atlanta there is a recreation area called Stone Mountain Park. It is known for its spectacular laser shows. The shows are set against Stone Mountain. They even show movies on the side of the mountain. Many cities are near mountains. Even cities that don't have mountains nearby have large buildings. Imagine having the right projector/laser equipment to project advertising against nearby mountains

Wild Game Carrier Product Idea

Deer hunters regularly die of heart attacks while carrying their bucks out of the woods. The invention here would solve that problem. It would have an inflatable wheel, using coated nylon that won't puncture easily. Once you get your deer, blow up the wheel, and using the clamps on either side, you attach two poles or sticks that you cut on site. Attach the simple nylon sling between the sticks, and you have a wheel-barrow-like device that will carry a deer over even rough trails. Probably weighing no more than two pounds, it could be carried easily in a day pack.

Helium Kites

Perhaps its been done, but I haven't seen them sold yet. With some lift from the helium, these kites could be flown in any amount of wind. Properly designed, they would still fly something like a kite, and with some maneuverability if designed like a stunt kite. A first prototype could be a kite with a small helium balloon attached. That's an easy invention.

Ad Kites

This is more of a marketing idea than a new product idea. Have advertisements on kites and get paid to fly them at the beach or during big outdoor events. In my former small-town home they paid for planes to drag ads around during festivals, so the market might be there.

Disposable Clothing Product Idea

If dollar stores can keep putting t-shirts on the shelves, we know they are getting cheap to make. So how about a line of shirts that are low-quality, but good enough to use, and cost very little to manufacture? You sell them in boxes of 12, as "disposable clothing." Where's the market? Maybe people who want less laundry to do on long trips. You can set aside old clothes for just that purpose, which is where the idea came from. Also, some people might want to have some cheap things to wear for doing dirty jobs.

Kayak Shoes

Imagine this: You are wearing two little "kayaks" on your feet. Two more smaller ones at the end of two ski-poles help you balance as you walk across the nearest lake. At 8 feet long and 8 inches around, they would hold about 170 pounds each, by the way.

How do you do it?

It is easy to have new product ideas! Think of a problem that people are having, imagine something fun that nobody does, or work out a better way to do something. Then come up with a solution from the ideas you have seen in other areas! You do not have to come up with spectacular things, like a cure for cancer. In fact the simpler new ideas are the bread and butter ideas that can be very easy! Next time you are frustrated by something, use it as motivation to have a new product idea!

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