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Invention Help
New Inventions Success

Invention Help

Need Help With Your Idea Or Invention?

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There are plenty of people and groups available to give you invention help; namely:

Just be careful! There are many who would charge hefty fees, but give little or nothing in return. Do your due diligence on anyone you who offers to provide you with invention help.

What kind of help do you need?

Do you plan to make and sell your own product or do you plan to sell the idea to somebody else? In either case you need a reliable patent attorney to help you through the process.

If you want to sell your idea.

If you plan to sell your idea, then you need to meet with those who would be most interested in your idea and who have the ability to make and sell your product. Also, you probably need somebody to help you market your idea to companies that already make and sell similar products, or to companies that are looking to move into that market. You will find the most difficult part is finding the right people and selling your idea to them. At this time, however, it is important that you find a patent attorney to ensure you are protected when you sign an agreement with a person, or company.

If you want to make and sell your invention

you need to:

That is a lot of work! Depending on your skills and resources, you might need an engineer, software developer, packaging expert, branding professional, a good manufacturer, a shipping support company and excellent salespeople.

Paying For Your Invention Help

To get experts involved in your project, you must give them something they can believe in!

Some people will help you a little bit for free, but that is not nearly enough help to help you make it and make it BIG! To help you with your invention, they need something they can believe in; such as, what will they get for their contribution -- money, stock, licensing rights? These are all things you can use to bargain with to get the help you need, but you need to be ready.

When you have acquired these three things, you will have the tools you need to get the right help for your invention.


You will need help of one form or another to bring your invention to market and make money from it. You need to take inventory of what you have to offer the list of people you need for the invention help to capitalize on your invention. Who knows, you might just be the person who sells a million units in 20 minutes on TV or the person that sells a million units a month in big- box retail chains!

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