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New Inventions Success


You need to think of 3 terms invention-attorney-patent, as the 3 Musketeers that will fight for your new inventions success. One of them, by their self, will make you very vulnerable when you try to sell your invention. Every industry has plenty of unscrupulous people ready to benefit from the innocent and naive. If you have an invention, you need a patent. If you patent it yourself, without proper knowledge, there is the possibility it can be changed or modified just a little bit and copied for free. You definitely need to find an excellent patent attorney to help you protect your invention with an ironclad patent. So invention-attorney-patent is the standard.

Boat Design - Patent Drawing


Your invention has to be NEW. It can be a helpful device, software program, even a game, but it has to be new. Many inventions are about new websites, new ways to make money, new ways to make products, and new ways to help other people. If you think you have something NEW, it might be an invention. If you feel your invention is worth anything, a patent is the next step.


A patent attorney knows how to protect your invention. If you don't use an attorney to protect your idea, you will never be taken seriously. There are just too many rules to follow, and too many variations of rules to take a chance on your invention not having educated representation. Don't try to be your own patent attorney by learning on your own invention, it is too costly. Even if you somehow get a patent on your invention, without an attorney, you will probably only get pennies on the dollar for what it is really worth. It doesn't make sense to only be paid hundreds of dollars for a million dollar idea.


A patent protects your invention because it gives you the right to stop other people from making, selling, or using your invention. Each government has their own patent rules for obtaining a patent. The rules are generally thousands of pages long. It is a complicated process, but if you receive a patent, you have the power and authority of the government behind you to stop others from copying your invention. No doubt, it takes time and money to get a patent. There are many rules involved, and should you make a mistake, it could cost you your entire investment in the patent, plus the patent itself. But, when you make it to the end and acquire the much sought-after patent, you can then use it to negotiate with the largest companies in the world.


If you have a good idea, then bring the other 2 Musketeers to the fight. You need the team of invention-attorney-patent to give you the maximum chance for success. Don't settle for less. Go for the gold.

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