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Free Patent Searches
New Inventions Success

Free Patent Searches

Why would you want to do free patent searches? When you have a great new idea, you will probably want to find a way to turn it into money. The safest way to do that is to get a patent. But how do you know if your idea is patentable? The answer is to do a patent search.

Dentures-Patent Drawing

If you ask a patent law firm to do a patent search, it will likely cost you a few hundred dollars. If your idea is not "new and novel" then that is money is wasted. It is therefore advisable to do a preliminary free search first.

Three Reasons To Do Free Patent Searches

  1. To prove to yourself that there is no obvious "prior art" that would make your idea not "new and novel".
  2. No cost patent searching is easy on the Internet. The big free and easy patent search is courtesy of Google. They have a separate search facility just for patents. There are also other free resources on the Internet that can be exploited.
  3. You will have a better idea where your invention fits. When you look at the "prior art", you may find a patent that is very close to your idea. With that knowledge, you may be able to make modifications to your invention idea in order to make it truly "new and novel".


Does this mean that you should rely on free searches only? No. When your idea has passed the preliminary free checks, you should then consult a good patent attorney. A more thorough search by an experienced patent searcher may be necessary to verify that there is no "prior art" that invalidates your idea.

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